August 13, 2012

Hey Their Georgie Girl

Some people may know the catching song, Hey their Georgie Girl. Well hear at Georgies Three Foot Farm we use it as out "theme" song!, Unfortunately our Georgie girl has moved on to the big pasture in the Sky. She was a sweet, kind and very spirited soul, Always wanting to please even thought she had her moments. Georgie passed away due to the Lyme treatment. The lyme treatment involved a catheter placed into her jugular. IF the medicine for any reason leaks out and gets under her skin it could cause organ failure. This is indeed how Georgie passed, Due to organ failure. Here at Georgies three foot farm we are sad but also happy that she is no longer in pain. If anyone has further questions about the treatment feel free to e-mail or comment!. Rest in peace Georgie Girl.

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