August 16, 2012

Rainy Day

Well today i woke up early at the sound of heavy rain. As much as i love rain i absolutely hate it in the paddock. We have sand in the top half so its not as bad as it use to be. Im hoping we can get some dirt and raise the lower half up so we can also grow.some.nice fresh grass!. On another note we have been working with Boston on using just a plain broken snaffle, one that would be used to "brake" a young colt or filly. Boston has been do incredible with the snaffle! This includes him doing his running~walk and his rack (gaited) A lot of people think you need a long shank for a gaited horse to proform their gaits, I say its your seat that counts and weather your horse has been trained properly. In all honesty if you need a long shank to control your horse and for them to preform better then i think the horse isnt that great. This moves me on to my discussion me and a friend had last night, I was looking threw horses for sale and saw a horse for $15,000. Now why on earth would someone buy a horse for that much! I think anything over $8,000 is going to far. We got talking and we both agree that you can take a top race horse and breed it to another top race horse and you could get the worst race horse ever. But yet you could take the worse and worse and make a great filly or colt. I think its bull crap when it comes down to the blood line. I kike to show my Racking horse off but i dont go on and on about it and i would never sell my horse just because he has a well know limited bred sire. All i can say is ho hum.... My fingers hurt from typing all this on my phone. Ill get back at you later with another update.!

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