March 31, 2012

Amazing Day

Amazing day with Georgie!, I was looking threw some DVD's that a friend let me barrow and i found a gaited horse DVD made by Down-under horsemanship. I watched it for about an hour and went down to the barn telling myself i would mess up and fail, and I need another horse and then that horse will be sold because it will back slide and etc. Anyways i got down to the barn and did everything Clinton Anderson did with the Gaited ground work...... all i have to say is........... OMFG!!!! IT WORKED!, Georgie was so alive today moving her feet like she's never done before She picked up on everything i did that i saw Clinton do!. Today was a AMAZING day and i can't wait to work with her more tomorrow..... Oh. and did i mention I was able to take Georgie out into the back field and did the running-Walk and a little bit of cantering?. Oh well i did. Well.... i don't think it was "I" I think it was me and Georgie as a team. So instead of I did it, Lets change it to "We did it" :) 

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