April 18, 2012

Long Time Posting

So it's been almost a month since i last posted, I haven't posted because i thought we were going to sell Georgie girl and get a new Horse, well lets just say it didn't turn out like that, Since Georgie Girl did almost end up in slaughter be decided to keep her because we wouldn't risk knowing she wouldn't be taken care of. So we did just buy another Tennessee Walker he just turned 10 and stands at 16.0H He comes tomorrow night and can't wait to see how Georgie Girl will like her new boyfriend. HE a gentle giant and i hope once they become friends Georgie will also become better on the trails and at ridding since she will have a smaller rider on her which will be my mother, We are also looking for a horse trailer so we can bring both of the horses to rides with the riding group we belong in, It's been a rough but great month and can't wait to post pics of the two Walkers together, I will post pictures of my test trial in the "photo Album" selection, Oh and before i forget the new Tennessee Walker we are getting is named Boston but i know i'll end up calling him Boston Boy, so instead of saying it all out, We will call Georgie Girl "GG" and Boston Boy "BB". We can't wait to give you more updates and tell you how it all goes, We will also be building another shelter with three walls just for them to get out of the rain and harsh weather during the cold winter months. 

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